In-depth look at the design elements of Dog Centric World cafe and adoption space. 
Adoption space was inspired by the Joshua Tree residence in California. The idea of windows facing in all the directions from the building made perfect precedent to apply to the space which usually looks like a prison. In the new model of the adoption space, all the windows will be placed at an angle to help newly rescued dogs (or any animal) to feel less stressed and irritated by his/hers neighbors, or watching other dogs being adopted or walked in/out of their apartments. The space between the "apartments" will be "filled" with HVAC system and insulation, to completely minimize the anxiety of the newcomers. 
Adoption mansion consists of two levels. First level will accommodate seniors as they are not likely to be bothered by their surroundings. Second level is for younger dogs and puppies, elevated level will minimize the visual irritation and the doors being out on the inside of "mini Pentagon" won't make them feel abandoned over and over again. All the materials used are easy to clean and "oopsey" resistant. 
Cafe furniture was inspired by life of a dog owner. Most of the times restaurants and cafes are not suited for pets, let alone they aren't allowed in at all. For those who do allow pets inside the food establishments, I've designed a perfect piece that will make dogs feel a part of the fun. Every dogs instinct is to feel safe and sheltered, creating this cave-like space will make puppies feel warm and cozy and not FOMO at all.


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