Our client is Macmillan Publishers, who since 1843, has published some of the most famous books in the world. Our brief was to create a hotel tied to their rich legacy and inspire people to read their books. We named the hotel Zeit which is German for time. Which is exactly what the creative concept behind the hotel is; a space that transports you to different eras in time. We do that by creating spaces inspired by the legendary books they published. The hotel embraces the guests in the world of some of the most fascinating pieces of literature, sparking their curiosity and engaging them into the wonderful world of reading. The project is located at 66 W 12th street, which currently accommodates The New School for Social Research and Tishman auditorium designed by Joseph Urban in 1931. The goal of the project was to preserve as much of the existing architecture as possible, while still creating a space that satisfied the client’s brief.

Check-in area inspired by the novel “The Shape of Water”.

The lobby inspired by the novel “Anna Karenina”.

The indoor/outdoor square inspired by the novel “Call Me By Your Name”.

The space is featuring a library in the back and a casual restaurant area. The Super Arches are harvesting solar energy and rainwater.

The elevator lobby inspired by the novel “The Great Gatsby” that will ultimately lead you to the guest rooms.

The guest suite is planned to take advantage of a panoramic views of the city, and has neutral tones resembling the pages of a book.

Peter Pan book shop is a retail space Inspired by the book by J.M. Barrie.

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